Was Cleopatra Blonde?

cleopatra blonde

The color of Cleopatra’s hair does not survive in writing from antiquity. Nevertheless, modern scholars are equipped with several pieces of information which may help determine what it could have looked like. There are three undisputed facts which have given rise to debate about the color of Cleopatra’s hair: Cleopatra came from a highly incestuous family (the Ptolemies) in which brother-sister marriages ...

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Is Angelina Jolie a good choice for Cleopatra?

angelina, jolie, cleopatra movie

Angelina Jolie is the star of the next Cleopatra movie. But many people are curious about how well she will fit into the role. Cleopatra has typically been portrayed by incredibly beautiful and talented women. These standards are, of course, a reflection of the time in which the films were made. Elizabeth Taylor’s performance in the 1963 film seems much more fake and over-the-top than Leonor ...

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Was Cleopatra beautiful?

The challenge in answering a question about beauty is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Criticizing Cleopatra’s appearance has become very popular in recent years, so I shouldn’t be surprised that this question gets asked a lot. But the debate is especially challenging because, more often than not, people judge images of Cleopatra that may not portray her actual ...

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What did Cleopatra look like?

Unlike the countless marble figures of Augustus, there are no definitive surviving statues of Cleopatra. Only two busts have been identified as Cleopatra VII to date, and only one of them is complete. That bust (right) now resides in the Altes Museum in Berlin. It portrays the Queen with hair pulled back into a bun beneath the traditional broad diadem of the Ptolemies. ...

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