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Primary sources are the most important when studying ancient history because they offer accounts of people who lived during the time period. But that doesn’t mean that modern sources should be discounted. I have come across many modern books which have truly stood out over the years. My favorites from both categories are listed below. The nonfiction books are clearly structured and provide a wealth of information. The fiction books are not only well written, but among the most historically accurate novels about Cleopatra to cross my path. I also included a section for children’s books which I found to be thoroughly enjoyable and informative to young minds.

  • Nonfiction
    • Cleopatra VII
      • The Reign of Cleopatra – Stanley M. Burstein
      • Cleopatra: A Sourcebook – Prudence J. Jones
      • Cleopatra: A Biography – Michael Grant
      • Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt – Joyce A. Tyldesley
      • Cleopatra: A Life – Stacy Schiff
    • Alexandria
      • The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern Mind – Justin Pollard & Howard Reid
      • Alexandria Rediscovered – Jean Yves Empereur
  • Fiction
      • I, Cleopatra – William Bostock
      • The Memoirs of Cleopatra – Margaret George
      • When We Were Gods – Colin Falconer
      • Kleopatra & Pharaoh – Karen Essex
      • Cleopatra’s Daughter – Michelle Moran
  • Children’s Books
    • Nonfiction
      • Cleopatra – Diane Stanley & Peter Vennema
      • Cleopatra: The Queen of Kings – Fiona MacDonald & Chris Molan (Illustrator)
    • Fiction
      • Voyage to the Pharos – Sarah Gauch & Roger Roth (Illustrator)

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